fixing Canon iP4200 driver

The Canon iP4200 printer driver fails to install on modern macOS, but it can be fixed. This workaround likely applies to other 2005-era models as well.


Change the support page's dropdown to successively older OS X versions until a package becomes available.


This error is fixed by deleting the PKG's Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck. The script depends on a 32-bit executable.

read-only sytem volume

This error is caused by the package writing to /System on Catalina and above.

Surprisingly, the kext is not needed; the files installed to /Library are enough. Open a root terminal at the PKG's Contents. Extract, fix, and re-pack the archive.
ditto -x Archive.pax.gz Extracted rm -r Extracted/System ditto -c -z Extracted Archive.pax.gz rm -r Extracted rm